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It’s About What I Want to Read – Not What You Want to Write About January 18, 2010

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“Why is online journalism different, and why should you care?” This question posed in the “Reporting for Online Journalists” reading cause me to immediately recall everything I learned last semester in my Intro to Journalism class. I remembered everything about the interactivity and forms of media like audio and video that enhances online journalism. And then I remembered why I should care- because when no one reads the newspaper or watches the news on TV, online journalism is going to be my best friend- and my only option. I realize that not everyone agrees with the imminent demise of the world of print journalism and I am holding out hope that it still has a chance, but no one can argue with how truly amazing online journalism has become.

What once took days, then hours, then minutes to report now takes seconds. The stories can be organized just as fast as they are put online and updated. All the information is in one place so anything someone wants to know is as easy to access as clicking a mouse.

Apart from the timeliness and accessibility, online journalism is growing at such a rapid rate that while many other news mediums are cutting staff down to what is minimally necessary, online news sites, such as, have as many as 100 people working in their newsroom. These jobs require journalists to be extremely flexible which creates variability in their careers which keeps them fresh and interesting.

The most interesting aspect of online journalism is that it is based on what the consumer wants, instead of what the journalist wants to write about. It gives journalists an automatic review that everyone can see and take part in so it is necessary to predict what the reader really wants.


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