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Change Really is Good… For Everyone January 19, 2010

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It’s obvious to anyone that has ever taken a journalism class, that technology is transforming journalism into something that could never have been predicted. Although the details are confusing to me, a computer-savvy person but definitely not a computer genius, I can still recognize just how amazing online journalism has become.  The reading from “We the Media” outlines exactly what happened to get journalism to where it is today.

What stands out about online journalism to me is that the people who are reading the online materials are given an amazing new opportunity- they are able to add to the content instead of being passive observers. Readers, like the author of “We the Media” explains, are now actively part of the conversation that is “tomorrow’s journalism.” With the birth of new options like Wiki’s and blogs and even the option to comment on web news stories, the reader has an entirely new role to play.

Fortunately, even though the internet is a vast unseen entity, the online reader has other tools at their disposal such as the RSS feeds that find exactly what they are looking for. It also benefits the writer because their information is much easier to find.

The internet is doing amazing things and we are in a perfect position to benefit from it… as writers as well as readers.


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