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I’m Begging You… PLEASE READ MY BLOG! January 25, 2010

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I do not know what to expect in the future. It’s a little scary to even think about it. And, although John Thompson’s Ten Things Every Journalist Should Know in 2010 is very helpful, it  does not ease my fears at all. The main point that irks me is the one about being “your own brand.”

For decades journalists would go to college and graduate school and get all the experience they possibly could in order to work at the New York Times or Time Magazine. These were the brands that would make them famed journalists.

These were the brands that would give them the means to work on the stories that they had dreamed of tackling. These were the employers that would pay for them to travel the world to cover that story that no one else could get. But now that journalists are expected to make a name for themselves they do not have that backing.They no longer have that name behind them. They now have to distinguish themselves. This is where that whole scary part comes in.

How am I going to do that? How am I going to compete in a world where my degree is not going to stand a chance because everyone is afforded the same opportunity as me. Who is going to want to read what I have to say rather than what the guy who lays on his couch all day updating his Twitter or WordPress blog has to say?


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