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You Too Can Be A Prod…user? January 25, 2010

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It is difficult for me to understand all the intricacy’s of the new “produsage” idea.” In fact, most of the terminology  in the “Production to Produsage” reading simply made my head ache. However, the shred of understand that I got out of it is that I am a produser and  everyone with internet access has the opportunity to be a produser as well. No longer must people step aside as producers throw products and information at us without taking our individual needs into account. They will undoubtedly be left in the dust. There is no longer a market for stuff we don’t want. We hold the key to the market that is out there. We tell the producer what we want or create it ourselves, in the case of blogs and Wikipedia. The collaboration between the masses online is creating something that a few producers could never create, and the best part is that there is no telling what is to come. Everything that exists today online could be completely different next month. It is growing and changing and it is all because of the people. I am anticipating great things for the future of the online community and can only hope that journalism will be able to shift as rapidly as the rest of the online world.


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