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Story Idea’s February 1, 2010

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1. Homelessness in Buffalo – as the temperatures drop well below freezing what is happening with Buffalo’s homeless population. What are shelters doing for them? What is the gov. doing for them?

2. PUSH Buffalo (People United for Sustainable Housing)- Background and what they are doing now for the West Side of Buffalo, goals for 2010

3. What are Buffalo based organizations doing to help earthquake victims in Haiti. What is UB doing?

4. Buffalo refugee’s – I wrote an article last semester on a program called FLY (Focused Learning for Youth) through Hope Refugee Services – focus on the programs that are available for adults – what are biggest problems they are facing? How can we help?

5. UB’s Buffalo Tanzania Education Project – UB is working to build a girl’s school in the Mara region of Tanzania – about the project (if I didn’t know about it.. many other people probably don’t know), the status of the project, etc.


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