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Writing for Readers Just Like ME! February 1, 2010

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The chapter 3 reading made me have sort of an epiphany. I realized that the aspect that appeals to me most about online journalism  is that  whatever I find to be interesting to write about, will interest lots of other people. I realize that I should be writing articles for the audience rather than for my own benefit but that is what is so great about the web. People would like to read what I like to write about! This concept seems to be different from traditional print media because that type of medium is so much smaller-scale. Because there aren’t millions of options for where to get your print news, those journalists are forced to cater to the majority of readers. So, instead of having to search for a print source whose readers are interested in African refugee’s or Buffalo sustainable housing projects or even homelessness – I can just write about it on the web and as long as I link my articles to other sites with similar topics – people will find it, and even better, people will read it! No more writing about the same old political scandal or celebrity siting that many Buffalonians like to see in the local newspaper… I can write about what I would want to read about, and someone somewhere will want to read it too. Now, it’s just the whole question of income…


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