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Homeless During a Buffalo… Beautiful Day? February 8, 2010

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I am getting down to the wire with the photo assignment. Busy work schedules and tests have kept me from really getting out there and checking out the homeless scene. However, this chapter did send me in the right direction. Timing is definitely key. To get the most out of a picture you need the right light to convey the right mood. And you need the right setting to convey your point. My point is that being homeless in Buffalo is extremely difficult during the long winter months. Unfortunately, the right light and the right setting are not happening during my four hour window of free time. It is beautiful out – the sun is shining, even if it is below freezing. Like the chapter says – a writer can always come back and talk to people and set the scene with their words. However, the photographs need to convey the same thing – and a cloudless sky is not what I am trying to convey about a Buffalo winter. Well, I hope it snows soon.


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