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Updated Story Idea February 15, 2010

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The story I am attempting to cover for the multimedia project is about homelessness in Buffalo during the winter.  I will be visiting the Buffalo City Mission which houses 156 males and the Buffalo City Mission Cornerstone Manor which houses up to 60 women and children. After speaking with one homeless woman I have found out some of the reasons that homeless people do not wish to go to shelters and am interested in following up on them. These reasons include being forced to attend church and being required to abide by a strict curfew where they were forced to be in by 8 PM and out by 8 AM. She said she felt like she was being treated like a child when really she is a 45 year old woman. I would like to investigate first hand what the conditions are within these shelters and interview some residents as well as administrators. Currently, I am waiting on an e-mail from the Buffalo City Mission about going for a tour and hopefully they can give me a few people to talk to while I am there.


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