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Thinking About Equipment February 22, 2010

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It is obvious that journalism is developing in ways never seen before. As technology changes journalists are being forced to adapt and overcome or simply fade into the past. The chapter 10 reading of Online Journalism by James Foust shows how much the new journalist really has to know. Journalists must become equipped to handle a still camera, a video camera and a microphone while still being a master of pen and paper. But Foust is able to share the important aspects of each device that a novice journalist, like myself, needs to know first. I especially benefited from the section about the actual parts of the camera. Knowing that a higher millimeter focal length allows you to focus in further and adjusting the shutter speed affects the ability to take pictures in different qualities of light gets me started on working my camera and understanding framing, depth of field and the rule of thirds will help me start to take really great photos.  It was also helpful to understand the different types of microphones that would be useful for the interview process – cardioid or lavaliere microphones. However, the best advice Foust has given me in this chapter is to experiment with my equipment because it will be much easier to fix problems when it I am on deadline if I have learned what my camera can do.


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