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Keeping it Unbiased in a Biased World February 28, 2010

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In Chapter 6 of Online Journalism, Richard Craig discussed the informality of writing for the Web. Not only did he say that it was less formal than print journalism, which I completely agree with, but he also talked about how it is a medium that you can inject your opinion into. This is where I am confused. I realize that blogging and tweeting and all that “fun stuff” is inevitably going to have your opinion because it is usually about something you are interested in – that is how you get viewers to visit your site. But, I do not think this should carry over to internet news websites. I rarely have the time to sit down and read the newspaper. I barely have the time to search the web for the news of the day, but I try to. The internet is my primary source for news and I do not want to have to take the time to search for an unbiased article. This is why I rely on my trusted online news sources – Time, BBC, New York Times and even the Buffalo News. But if these news outlets are allowing their writers to inject their opinion into their articles.. I’d rather not read the news. If I want some other journalists opinion – I will check out their article in the opinion sections. I don’t want to click on The New York Times’ front page story to get someone’s opinion about an important news event.


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