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Oh, So Many Tweets March 24, 2010

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“After the show, be sure to follow me on Twitter,” “I’ll be tweeting about *blank* after the show,” “You can find more information on my facebook and comment on this topic even after the show is over.” These are all things you would never have heard on CNN, MSNBC or even FOX News. Now, any real newscaster has a twitter, a facebook and some type of blog. The internet is shaping everything, you would have to be hiding under a rock to not notice. Just today, someone told me that in their 7th grade technology class, where we once learned to use a band saw, they are learning how to blog! I think perhaps the most amazing part of this shift in news media, is that the media makers are now looking at social networking sites for story ideas. The anecdote within the Distribution Revolution about the earthquake in Roanoke is a perfect example. Who knew that a Producer would care about what I experienced, and even more, want to help answer my questions. I no have this at my disposal – we all have it at our disposal.. now the question remains: how will we eventually pay for it? For an aspiring journalist, that is my main question.


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