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What “Free” Really Means For Us March 24, 2010

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It’s amazing what we can do for free. Clay Shirky’s chapter, “Here Comes Everybody,” coupled with all that we have learned this semester, have really proved this. With all the FREE software that is available to be downloaded online, all the forums that give you directions for using the FREE programs and all the places to post the outcome FOR FREE (like blogs), it’s no wonder the print media business is scared. Even during the last day of class we learned about Audacity to edit our audio, and the day before we learned about Soundslides to make our audio slideshows – these are FREE programs that corporate media makers use daily to make the same thing. This leads me to the question posed within the chapter: “What happens when the costs of reproduction and distribution go away? What happens when there’s nothing unique about publishing anymore, because users can do it for themselves?” What happens is exactly what we’re doing. Obviously, we’re being assigned by a professor to do so, but we have the capabilities to do the same thing that “professional journalists” are already doing. It’s a powerful feeling to have almost every tool that the pro’s use at my fingertips. Luckily, this class is showing me just how easy it is to use it.


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