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Different Ways of Covering the Same Thing March 26, 2010

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The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been covered in so many ways, probably because they are lasting for so long. But, it definitely gives journalists the opportunity to experiment with different ways of doing things. Of the three different perspectives that we looked at, my favorite were the black and white images from “The Long Haul.” I felt like these photo’s were very powerful and they were presented in a way that the viewer was not distracted by the colors. Everything was drab like their experiences waiting around for firefights. I also liked the video from Danfung Dennis because it showed exactly how close and personal these journalists are getting to the front lines. The “Sides of the Wire” piece was a little different as it showed the other side- the civilian side of the war. I thought all the photos were very beautifully done but the photos from “The Long Haul” were my favorite.


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