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Checks and Balances April 27, 2010

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I really liked the image of blogs and journalism being in a symbiotic relationship where they both feed off of each other at the opening of “Gatewatching” by Axel Brun. I have found in this class as well as in previous journalism classes that this is definitely the case. This is what is so great about blogging. It gives the opportunity to get information that you are an expert on out into cyberspace where people can learn from you and use your expertise. From that, journalists have the means to research further into topics or get other sides of the story that you can read and maybe learn about your expertise a little bit better. One of the questions posed in Brun’s chapter is whether blogs should be considered journalism. There apparently are many different answers but I believe that perhaps the most important fact is that blogs serve a purpose. Whether or not they are of journalistic quality will be an everlasting debate, but they definitely have the ability to benefit journalism. Even if they are simply keeping journalists on their toes as the literary quality of the blog increases. It seems like they can be used as a check and balance system so the quality of “real journalism” stays at the top.


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