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Oh, Economics. How You Make the World Go Round April 27, 2010

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Ever since I learned that any career possibility in journalism would most likely be in the online field, I’ve been very skeptical about how I would make any money. If every time I read the news online I am doing in for free, how do they manage to pay their writers? If no one really reads newspapers anymore where will these media moguls get their profit? Chapter 12 of James Foust’s “Online Journalism” definitely did not answer any of my questions. Basically, the journalism world has no idea what they are going to do about making money. The largest problem is that everything started off free. People expect everything to be free because of that. They’ve tried advertising but no one really pays attention to it, they tried charging for some of the media content, or all of the media content – no luck. You cannot give something to someone for free and then tell them years later that they have to start paying. So here is the problem – if online journalism has been molded into this constant in all of our lives, what would happen if the money disapeared, which I’m sure is slowly happening, and they could not put the content up anymore? I, personally, think that if there is no way to fix the economic issue, than blogs will be all that is left.  The online media world will be full of people writing and producing as only a hobby.


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