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Production Update April 27, 2010

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I needed a new topic. Not that I didn’t enjoy all my time talking to homeless people.. believe me that was interesting. But, homeless people were best covered through photos and audio, which I found out by doing the slide show. So I realized that I needed to do something else. I chose to do my video project on the West side, more specifically the area west of Richmond Avenue because it was convenient since I live on the West side and because it always frustrates me that the difference one block makes, much like the area East of Main Street, is so drastic.  That dividing line can determine your fate in Buffalo especially since the levels of poverty are so intense. I found someone who happened to be a friend who lives on the West side of Richmond who happens to have strong opinions about the area and it just happened from there. I am very proud of my video project so far and I think it is far better than my slide show. The only thing that is hindering me is the music. I cannot find anything that I feel fits with the piece. I don’t want to ruin it by just throwing something in that ends up being a distraction, like I did for the slide show, but I have to find something. I guess I should get  back to sifting through the royalty free music…


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