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Video Basics April 27, 2010

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Shooting video is difficult. To start, you have to have an idea… something to shoot that would be most effectively shown through video. Then there are so many things that go into composing the actual shot. Similar to composing photos, you must think about framing, depth of the shot and light, however if you don’t get it right the first time you may not be able to go back and try again. A photo is over in a split second – if it sucks just shoot another. If you are in the middle of filming an interview and the light isn’t quite right or the camera moves there is a chance that your piece will be ruined. In “Video Basics 3,” Herbert Zettl gives many tips for getting a video just right. These tips came in handy during my video shoot however, I found that the in class interviewing helped the most. It gave us the chance to work on framing and lighting so when it came time to shoot the video it came out just right.


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