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Video Gives New Journalists a Chance to Compete April 27, 2010

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Media has truly made way for multimedia. This is very apparent in Charles Layton’s “The Video Explosion.” Online content can no longer simply be photos and text. In order to hold up in this quickly changing market a good web site must utilize video. Apparently even veteran journalists are realizing that this new phenomenon has become something that they will need to learn and be able to use in order to keep their jobs. Those journalists must make the extra effort to succeed in the video world because their college and grad school counterparts are learning these skills from the very beginning. It’s really a shape up or ship out situation. This gives me some hope for a possible career in the future. I have been given the fortunate opportunity to get these skills out of my college education. I will be directly competing with those veteran journalists who did not grow up with this  new technology. I’d like to think I have the upper hand in that category – I’ve seen my mom use a computer… it’s scary. This technological shift that has brought multimedia packages to the forefront of journalism is a blessing… for new journalists at least.


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